Review Policy

Thank you for considering me!

Everything I provide, what I accept, and additional information is down below. Feel free to contact me via social media if you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns.

What I provide

Each of my reviews mention the author, the publishing house, and includes links to Bookshop, Goodreads, and Storygram. I don’t like to use Amazon, so I’m trying to find alternatives. As such I won’t link to it unless it’s the only option.

I will post a review on Goodreads, Storygram, and my blog. If I love the book, I will also post about it on my instagram and Twitter.

If I don’t like the book (two stars or lower) I will offer to skip the review and only post a star rating on Goodreads.

What I’ll Accept

Genres I accept: fantasy is my specialty, and what I read most of the time. This includes all subgenres of fantasy, and sci-fi\fantasy mix. However, I’m open to accepting other genres! Mystery, sci-fi, etc. Contemporary is the only genre I turn away the majority of the time, as there are very, very few I read and enjoy.

That said, if your novel features LGBTQ+ characters, I’m significantly more likely to read it, regardless of the genre.


I will also do author interviews, focusing specifically on the author’s writing process. These interviews usually accompany an arc review. The questions are sent via Word, to be completed at the author’s own pace.

If you are not a published author, or you have yet to be agented, we can still do an interview! I absolutely love hearing about others experience and writing process, even if you aren’t published just yet.

If you are ready to submit a novel for a potential review, you can email me at